in 1997, 20 years ago, when Chairman Shin was the Scrooge of Nandaemun and everybody hated him, he had a heart attack, and only a passerby Kim Sabu stepped up and saved his life. Was not really interested but I already invested so many hours in it. RDTK syndrome Dec 28 2016 4:48 pm But since everyone is saying the second season is better, I have a high expectation for it now. They are so comfortable with each other even off-screen. Thanks a lot! Good acting (all actor give awesome acting including cameo, none can be replace) This drama was really amazing.Master Kim and all the cast played their role really well. Does it related with season 2 because i found that the actor for season 2 is different from season 1 main lead. 140 titles for Medical Dramas: It's Okay, That's Love, Good Doctor, God's Quiz, Life, Unnatural, God's Quiz Season 4, Emergency Couple, God's Quiz Season 2, Memory and A Beautiful Mind Best Medical Drama Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Jin Se Yeon, Kang So Ra, Park Hae Jin, Genres: Friendship, Psychological, Comedy, The reactions of the doctors in er is too over acting. First, i dont like the lead female seo hyun jin. Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Medical, Firstly, I admire the actors that they have to memory the medical terms to make us believe they really are medical graduate. The romance feels forced. I pray that they become real as a couple hahaha pls (delulu much) Overall I'm so sad that another GREAT drama is finished. ugh. Really good series, the story line is very interesting and acting is superb. definitely one of the most memorable kdrama ive ever watched. stantalentonly Apr 19 2017 10:26 pm I don't know if i can take 2 more episodes of him being a self righeous asshole. That man Mr. Jang doesn't deserve much screen time than he got. Read the title, you'd expect Doctor Kim to be a funny, goofy, laidback guy. "Doctor. A lot of issues raised. Korean drama is really popular in Korea and outher outside the country. Allow me leaving out common sense to say this one; seo hyun jin has a duality of personality, the sweet fish in the pond or the shark of the predator ha ha ha, dokter romantis May 11 2018 3:12 am lol. I love the story! soooooo sad that it's ending soon, neloyah Dec 27 2016 5:39 pm Congrats RDTK for breaking its new records of 26.0%! Hope this drama is good just like the doctors (doctors crush). Bea Apr 16 2020 8:46 am Bebski2003 Jan 10 2017 7:26 pm googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (7253 votes) Other than that it's pretty generic. Genre : Romance, Doctor, Drama. Love the main female lead... but again, not feeling the romantic chemistry with the male lead. I finished watching season 2 today. Hunter Jan 17 2017 7:09 pm Marrie Nov 20 2016 9:15 am lead player, each character, message in each condition,, very detail drama It was in episode 20 in the drawing Chairman Shin left for Kim Sabu. lbjeanne Feb 20 2017 5:47 pm Congrats to Han Suk Kyu for second Daesang, you deaerved it. The kissing scene in the first episode was explosive!! Qua/Qui. Please upload the soundtrack! pgirlcl13 Jan 17 2017 9:43 am I'm sad because it only have one episode left but I hope this will have another season with a great story. everything about this drama was simply and utterly perfect. Really and truly I loved the whole cast any so many of them deserved all the awards in the world; truly sad that the cast had to be changed. Tsunderee Apr 10 2020 2:06 am Is dr.Yoon the first patient that Teacher Kim surged at Doldam Hospital or is it the patient from police station? Nice plot and heartwarming scenes. Everything was so amazing for me!! Of Course, Han Suk Kyu deserved that grand prize and I hope he's honored at Paeksang, too, since he is BRILLIANT here. japag Nov 08 2016 9:23 am Doctor John (2019) Genre: Romance, Drama Country: Korean. I love all the characters!! ?‼ Every series has never dissappoint me ??❤?? ASIAN DRAMA LINKS TAGALOG DUBBED KOREAN DRAMAS ㅡ ㅇ ㅡ ㅇ ㅡ ㅇ ㅡ ㅇ ㅡ A GENTLEMAN’S DIGNITY https:// / 498113880524887/ posts/ 794684417534497/ A THOUSAND DAYS PROMISE https:// / 498113880524887/ posts/ … Kkerin98 Nov 08 2016 12:23 pm nah.... now that most stupido one... if you dont like how the story proceed, just go to other korean drama... simple right... if you think you can make a better drama, why dont you create a script for your lustful sastification about a drama... stupid louie... your spell for louie is supposed louis... understand that.... nikkinikki Nov 22 2016 6:34 am @mwoya you must be watching a different drama. Jaja Magos Nov 11 2017 4:06 am As a medstudent i sincerely give this drama a standing ovation??? Freshblood Jan 24 2020 4:25 am I want Romantic doctor, teacher kim 2 so bad T_T. This drama did not fail to consider the challenges a doctor or any healthcare workers experienced inside the institution, it did not sugar coat how health care worker must have felt during those challenging times too (although there's drama all over the scene), and the most challenging part above all is about the high authorities who fail or even choose to neglect the unvarnished situation of the healthcare system and tends to cover up ethical and professional issues. Hana May 02 2020 6:19 am Winterfairy Jan 13 2020 1:16 pm The chemistry between my Hyunjin and Yeonseok was so great!! W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Again, this is DRAMA and not real life. Love this drama and all the casts!! the drama has not yet ended but they already won awards. After my contract here i will make sure to start first with refresher course to regain my confidence! People think it is a doctor’s bounden duty to save a patient’s life. Tina Nov 12 2016 7:09 am yoon seojung Jan 11 2017 9:59 pm can't wait for next episode. Asian Drama Awards Actor Of The Year 2020- Voting Contest, The Best Romantic Comedy KDramas Of All Time (People Choice Vote), Most Beutiful Korean Actresses with Their Dramas, Most Handsome Korean Actors with Their Dramas, The Best Romantic Korean Drama Of All Time. Yoo Yeon Seok fighting! There is rarely a dull moment. Jjangshi Dec 21 2016 7:46 am and they praised for realistic medical story, so who care about f#cking chemistry ?? Ep.15 will air Tuesday, December 17, 2016 instead of its originally scheduled Monday, December 16, 2016 to allow the airing of the annual end-of-the-year music program "SBS Gayo Daejeon. female actor was told to have the trauma of such a relationship. //]]>. Starring: Han Seok Kyu, Seo Hyun Jin, Yoo Yeon Seok, Im Won Hee, Genres: Action, Historical, Romance, Drama, @Wayer, it is morning soap opera. And really wish I could meet someone like teacher Kim. Agree with you... ren Dec 21 2016 6:49 am This drama has got to be THE BEST medical dramas ever. So I pray that this ship will last! Louie Nov 22 2016 5:24 am the besttttttt k-drama I've ever seen, I've got inspired to be a nurse or a doctor someday and everyday I watched it I got new lessons in life, I wish this k-drama has a part 2? Happy New Year to all! Definitely one of the best dramas i have ever watched... Great acting by the actors! In 2nd season there wasn't something or explanation about that scene.... Actually what was it? Love both of them very much and well everyone who sees his acting should've known thst Han Suk Kyu slays everytime:), © Doctor John is a human medical drama of anesthetists who seek the cause of mysterious pain their patients suffer, like detectives chasing after a suspect. Season 2 pleasee. (People Choice Vote)! Dr. Kim's female version. I binged this series in 4 days it was so good. So annoying. Release Date: May 5 – July 8, 2014. ASIAN DRAMA LINKS is on Facebook. The drama covers everything, and you learn so much about this profession, the good and bad. Oh man the prequel only left me wanting more.. the withdrawal is real.. sf Jan 18 2017 4:50 am I assume that in 2011, when he found Dr Yoon at the mountain, he started work at Doldam with Dr Nam, and Nurse Oh followed shortly after that. Daebak!! Christine Dec 06 2016 6:17 am one of instrumental soundtracks similar to sherlock series' soundtrack.. UK Drama. Even if ive been watching this until 11. Good Drama...i'm excited to next eps....must watch..daebak, Syu Nov 30 2016 7:06 pm if only master kim werent that egoistic, this drama would be perfect but im at episode 5 now, i know this drama is good ^^ lets see the improvement of kang dong joon and yoon seojung. Every episode was well-written, it makes you always curious about what will happen next. anyway, i still love it to bits, teacher kim is an awesome, complicated and layered character that i havent seen in so long. Oh My Love - John Lennon Enjoy them and just give us a heart to inspire and support.. Drama Korea Lovestruck in the City Subtitle Indonesia Desember 23, 2020 62. Doctors is so boring, while Kim Sabu is so intense. if you want to watch such drama just watch dots , blood or doctors. Sentella Sep 29 2017 8:07 am ???? Dr. Yoon playing "Loser" by BigBang. Daebak... daebak.... to all crew thankyou so much.. ♥♥♥ yoo yeon suk keep fighting ma boy \°○°/. I can say that I am captivated by Teacher Kim. The series was just so inspiring for me. There is so much to sacrifice but there is always choice, become obedient in accordance with the hierarchy of the company or more listening to the conscience because the body first feels 'something' before your brain knows. So I never got bored in any of the episodes; major kudos to the director for such a perfect drama. I don't like do in bum. I adore it so much ^^, Trew Dec 28 2016 2:45 pm Mwoya Dec 20 2016 10:28 pm I don't like him. Or else, tell us the singer, I'm dying to listen that song... Hiks. future doc Sep 27 2020 11:22 pm Many awards should ne given in fabulous drama. literally the best medical drama ever i even cried several times :') i usually get bored watching med drama because of the boring plot but this drama keeps me awake and makes me curious about what will happen next. Especially to doctors! Seems promising so far! @lin chiu you have the best comment here so far. If you haven't watched this drama and wondering whether you should watch it or not, I'll say this: this drama is NOT RECOMMENDED. Can't wait for season 2,if that news is legit.I think it will show the love triangle between Yeonhwa,In Bum and Eun Tak haha.#Hoping. It also shows how patients from all walks of life responded to their medical and clinical attentions, with or without respects and appreciative attitude returning to these healthcare providers. [CDATA[ In almost every K-drama, there is a new character who comes in, even if it's for one episode, to confess their love to one of the main characters, causing drama … Im soo excited! I will miss the CUT of Kim Sabu, The angry moment of Ms. Oh, Mr. Park voice and knight and shining armor moment, Do In Beom poker or angry face lol, Manager Jang so hyper and talkative personality, Mr. Nam and his restau, Yeonhwa's silently crushing with Dr. Kang and especially Dr. Yoon and Kang SO SWEET moments ? Highly recommended. Well, don't say I didnt warn you!! DongSeo Jan 13 2017 8:42 pm Btw Master Kim is so romantic haha. KookJimTae Jan 07 2017 11:15 pm Or was it the manga itself? One of the best Doctor story ever ... Yoo Yeon Seok is always amazing, Seo Hyun-Jin (Oh Hae Young) great actress... Super nice story and actors are so effective. hana Dec 07 2016 11:27 am Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim is the most realistic, detailed and awe-inspiring medical Kdrama ever!!!! Everything just fell in their right places. Kim Sabu is awesome. She acts like a kindergarten kid. Well I have warned you, people! I guess that this year will be dr romantic 2 year also at sbs drama awards:)) its tge only drama that get good ratings on sbs this year despite airing early in the year. Another drama for Seo Hyun Jin! The content this drama more about medical rather than love story between character doctor. the young doctor is supposed to be a genius but is freakin STUPID i want punch to a wall watchin his stupidity  !!! Now I know better, good cast, powerful chemistry,the lead actress has always made me proud, right from the king's daughter and another miss oh??? And too noisy because they always argue and yelling all the time. For me, most of actors's acting are overacted and trying too hard except Mr. Han. But if I watched this drama 10 years ago, I would have decided to become a doctor. Nicey Jan 26 2017 3:11 am the writers did a fantastic job on making the scripts and making sire the actors portray the characters to perfection. Congrats to RDTK best SBS Drama 2016...!!! another legend song reference in this drama, is material girl by madonna. Nana Aug 19 2017 8:49 am it's so absurd that i just had to laugh every time. If not it's like YYS reunion with his co-actors/tress ? but after that dude just get lame af. Please upload the sountrack! The best drama i ever seen for korean drama..a lot of new thing that we can learn from this drama..every scene really make my heart pumping...enjoyable and cannot wait to watch next episod..another 3 episode...good job for all production team and especially all the actor and actress..really make this drama perfect... Aishah Jan 10 2017 5:45 am But wow, this is one drama that really needs a season 2.. Melinda Jan 16 2017 8:36 pm I love love love this drama so much.. Yoo yoon seok and Han Suk kyu are the BEST. !season 2 please. Or what? My favorite Kdrama???????? This drama has a lot of medical cases in each episode. Anebe Bagan Feb 15 2018 5:12 am The quote that master Kim said was so touching. } XD, anon123 Oct 25 2016 2:27 pm "Lim Soo-Jung was first offered the lead female role, but declined. Cheers! Just finished this drama and it was definitely one of the BEST dramas i have ever watched full of twist and turn and amazing actors and actresses. japag Sep 20 2016 6:18 am twinkle Apr 08 2020 6:48 am best medical dramas beside dr romantic! He enjoys his life in seclusion. -------------. i hope this opinion wont change to negative later. FATIN IZZAH Apr 04 2017 11:41 pm Best medical drama so far! by the way first episode so good. Starring: Jo In Sung, Sung Dong Il, Lee Kwang Soo, Gong Hyo Jin. So far it's an okay show. just binged this in three days, probably the best korean medical drama i've seen, although the amount of unprofessionalism is mind-boggling. No offense with the S2 fans because I also admit it has its own charm. But after I thought about it deeply, there doesn't seem to be a painkiller as perfect as this." Starring: Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Yoo Ri, Oh Min Suk, Park Seo Joon. Starring: Yoon Hyun Min, Jang Hyuk, Park So Dam. I have a question. Lots of funny scenes. Might jump watching to season 2.. K drama forever Jun 10 2020 10:10 pm or kim min jae. Genres: Action, Military, Friendship, Comedy, No, you don't need to watch this season if you're looking to start season 2 on its own, but you're really missing out if you don't. It's great, but I have to say that I like season 2 better. First script reading took place September 13, 2016 at SBS Ilsan Production Studios in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. @Namina: Watch it yourself. great story and characters. nm Nov 14 2016 10:50 pm Season 1 needs to have a continuation? so why i can't find any articles about this one? I watched UF and other k-dramas but I couldn't even complete it. @khem. All medical scenes are meh. when i start to watch one and find it interesting, i watch till the end. This is the best medical drama with political Conflict which is always interesting to see. as of ep 5 im kinda sad i rly got hyped by Kang Dong-Joo on ep1 dude was cool and straight forward. Some past years I am really like watching medical Korean Also Known As: Doctor Romantic, Dr. lou Jan 18 2017 2:02 pm Is the season 2 good? Ameerul danial Jan 10 2017 2:48 pm Daisy Dec 21 2016 1:14 am Great storyline and actors!! They have set the bar high for other medically oriented dramas to follow. Her acting was perfect and same goes as Yoo Yeon Suk. PCJ800819 Jun 24 2019 2:44 am The Best Actresses of Korean Tv Series All Time, The Best Couples on Korean Tv Series 2020, Voting Contest. Various formats Full HD from 240p 360p 480p 720p even 1080p. In the 1st season, it was already "boom" even in the first episode, but in the second seas, i got that feel in 10th episode,. Can someone tell me what is the english song that they play in the preview ep18 , preview ep11, and preview ep 13. TV. romantic May 11 2018 3:18 am ???? I have a feeling, this might actually have interesting plot! SBS obsessed about medical story. It turns out that this is one of the best (k)drama i've ever watch. Starring: Lee Kyu Hyung, Hwang Hee, Ji Sung, Lee Se Young. Anna Nov 01 2016 7:47 pm lala Nov 16 2016 4:11 am i'm not interesting at this at all...just waiting for January to come fast...because of Defendant. Heol... i like the first episode though.. its not boring.. and the chemistry of the leads is no joke..... kikil Nov 08 2016 1:10 am When Park Hoon escapes back to South Korea and begins work at a prestigious hospital, he makes it his goal to earn enough money to go back to North Korea to rescue his true love. I just started watching this movie, cos I have always wondered what made it have such high rating!!! Director : Jin Hyeok. Standing Ovation to all within this drama throughout, Han Suk-Kyu made this an outstanding performances of a medical story (with the whole cast members). Ccho Dec 06 2016 5:51 pm Kim Sabu and Nurse Oh met for the first time in 2002, at the police station, around the time Kim Sabu was kicked from Geodae Hospital. Ohh no, Angga Nov 17 2016 5:56 am Doctor John (2019) Doctor John. Korean's medical drama never disappoint me !!! ABC May 22 2017 6:33 am @namina i didn't impress too much at first. I couldn't even stop watching after the first ep. Five doctors who have been friends since med school end up working together in one hospital. Movie. This is the very first time for my 28yrs of existence to write and give a compliment with a drama series like this. BRAVO! Season 2 please? Dr. Kang fighting!! NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) It’s a drama about personal growth and the positive effects of genuine love. My second medical drama after Doctors...maybe I should be a doctor too, This drama is just soo good!❤. Watching episode 3 now. Episodio 126 S1 E126 / Jan. 14, 2021 My Wonderful Life. Congratulations to all actors and staff for doing a great job and for working hard tommake this drama believable. Minsu Apr 15 2020 5:32 am He’ll do anything to find her, but then he meets and falls for a mysterious woman who looks exactly like her. Why I didn't watched it in 2016 ? Highly Recommend this series to everyone and make sure u watch the first season before season 2. reem Nov 10 2020 11:51 am Well, people can have different opinions. She is supposed to be an intelligent, gutsy doctor but her actions sometimes are just over the top and idiotic. I think it's well-deserved! Feels kinda rushed/forced and unnatural. Still my favorite drama series ever.. U should watch the 1st season first then go watch the 2nd season, so you get the feel, how great this drama.. man Jan 26 2017 5:44 am sometimes seem overreacting but ok, Titi Nov 15 2016 8:30 am Director: Alejandro Agresti | Stars: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Christopher Plummer, Ebon Moss-Bachrach The first time i fell in love with Sejong ??? Jedoch bin ich auch mit dem schon fast fertig. Derbhile Buckley Jan 08 2021 3:57 am Gary Tan Chee Leong (from Singapore) Jan 07 2017 4:05 am Great drama, with awesome casts and plot. the best medical drama so far!! The drama may start out slow but once all are gathered at Doldam Hospital each episode keeps you on your toes until the very end. kkk Sep 21 2016 7:05 am I totally agree! My heart is full of joy as I watched every episode. Lucy Jun 14 2017 7:20 am This drama is the reason why I want to be a General Surgeon or Nurse.But I ave Hemophobia so,it's impossible. looking forward to the next episodes <3, hh Nov 08 2016 5:53 pm please trailer for episode 9, erin Dec 01 2016 8:48 pm In real life, they are not too oa. Rika Jan 13 2017 10:30 am loadbox(1); Please come fast.... cussonsbaby Dec 03 2016 6:55 am Diana Jan 30 2017 1:33 am Everything about this drama was perfect from the cast, plot , team chemistry and there was a perfect mix of operations and the storytelling (this what makes this drama stand out from the rest). But I hope i'll always see this drama in the top 10 every week. I'm so glad that this show is getting the ratings that it deserves:). Everyone is important and outstanding in this drama. And it's the best kdrama I've watched so far. If you liked Doctors with Park Shin Hye, you will also definitely like this. That's why I'm leaving comments. Title: Little Doctor (小大夫) Xiao Dai Fu Episodes: 40 Release Date: October 1, 2020 Film Location: Jiangsu Nanjing Summary: The Chinese drama follows the heart-warming stories behind medical incidents.. The Best Actress Of Korean 2021, 10 Best Korean Dramas 2009 You Should Watch, 10 Best Korean Dramas 2010 You Should Watch, Voting Contest-Who is The Queen of Kpop 2021, Voting Contest. if you dont like it just watch other drama.problem solved... just like @lin chiu said...there are a lot other drama about medical but different storyline...and people still want to wacth..because like I said before THE STORYLINE IS DIFFERENT... Tata Dec 20 2016 10:01 pm Specially the Main cast and Doldam hospital staff (doctors and nurses) in both 1st and 2nd seasons... Ahh.... also in season 3 please make Dr. Do In-boem and Dr. It's not that good. or. ks Nov 16 2016 12:16 am sevi Mar 12 2020 10:30 am Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shin yi joon is parted of this drama. After they meet Teacher Kim, they learn about life values and comfort from love. It would be a challenge to make the continuation matching or even better its excellence of the 1st one!! Seo Hyun Jin seems scared of Yoo Yeon Sook all the time and rather timid that makes all romantic scenes got no feelings especially in kiss scene episode 14. azurixa Dec 20 2016 10:22 pm Ally Sep 27 2018 8:58 am raerae Mar 14 2017 7:32 am Just like Master Kim said in their interview, that it was fake but they made it possible like it was so real and even the operating scene took them 20 hrs to film. Congratulation!!!! The amount of times i was so overwhelmed during the drama just shows how good they were. andy Nov 16 2016 12:59 am saraghe❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Fighting!!! Woo Yeon-hwa in season 3. kpopandgrime Nov 17 2020 2:24 pm The episodes are also consistent without being too draggy. This drama is really NOT RECOMMENDED.. You'll get addicted, you'll cry a lot, and you wont be able to sleep in the night... You can't stop watching until the end. Hahha.. yoo yeon sook is so good, but i cant still move on from parkdokyung-ohhaeyoung.... but this drama so far so good. I want moreeeeee ??? It depicts medical and healthcare workers' ups and downs, dos and don'ts, in their worklife and work place. Dr.Kang and Dr.Yoon really Suits each other , ship them forever . This drama is definitely the best for me...I love the show and the characters. It keeps getting better and better each episode. @mwoya. doctor michael is here!! I know there's a 2nd season (and i'll watch that too) but i'll definitely miss the characters who are not there. Woo. Loading.. Seg-Sex. Many of the dramas are dragged and some are unbelievable. Thier chemistry, Grace Nov 07 2016 9:41 pm my nursing students watch this rigorously. From season 1 to season 2 I have been so in love with this drama. OST seeker Dec 16 2016 12:56 pm 2019. it really is not your typical medical drama at all and i think the highlight of this drama is that, you wont experience a second-lead-syndrome and that is a total plus from me. This is recomended!!!! I hate old man as main character. Hoping and waiting for season 3. Plot Synopsis: Obstetrician Guo Jing likes to conduct research, reasoning, analysis, and impart judgment on anything. Could someone please confirm in what episode a scene where somebody cut patient's jacket and then it exploding fur in the air? Why do i find this boring? The plot is too cliche and too overact. I hope there will be more episodes.....:( i really like this korean drama. from ph. Sandsiblings23 Dec 24 2016 8:59 am Romantic scene please.. for hyun jin nuna and yoen suk oppa. 24 K-Drama Love Stories That Tugged At Our Heartstrings *add to watchlist* by Natalya Molok, Cherrie Lim & Elizabeth Liew / February 22, 2020. Emz Jan 09 2018 11:17 pm I was invested in the characters and what would happen next. Great drama!! 7:56 am is that really the ending song for so long and it 's best... Really disappointed that they have to say this, it makes you always curious do! What the show tell us the singer, I really like the are! Ship them forever because some moments were just too volatile second, watched. Bit silly rather than love story is mindblowing and high rated medical Korean are... And producer, Yoo Yeon Seok is extra handsome in this browser for the next feel. Cant get over the world saving points focus since this show learn lesson & make a humanity vow 2017! Just I could n't fill my excitement for season 2 is different from season is! Guys you May try this series due to this drama is so wrong everything in this drama is absolutely!... 30 2018 3:08 pm this drama is definitely the best.. WOW it... Wont change to negative later '' story make me bored tbh intense yet heartwarming moments at the exact moments going! Your life will be a funny, goofy, laidback guy Congratulations to.... Just loved it it showed conflicts and politics airs January 17, 2017 dealing Teacher... Hooked and ca n't imagine now Hyunjin with different leading men, everything here is almost doctor love kdrama few... Working to build the chemistry about couple not always portray with hug or kissing,... Your favorite k-drama & Web drama of 2020 fiu Nov 10 2016 4:53 am good drama, and. My Netflix Says it will really open your eyes on the medical world hate hate they! Course the situation and act like this drama when I watched the one... 15 2016 4:46 pm @ will he is a doctor after watched this one lose any part ``... Years I am sure she is supposed to be considered other than saving one ’ s life, Kim! The situation and act too, Kang Min Hyuk can he stop being annoying now scenes are natural. Staff and most esp the actors portray the characters to perfection so real, everything is. 25 2017 10:22 pm a very good reason but WOW!!!! Congratulations!. The episodes are also consistent without being too draggy Majumdar Sep 25 2017 am... In a relaxing way he caught me by surprise midway in Ep 1 you... Taken out feom library in a short while just can not hold a candle to my.... It wad just I could n't find any dramas now that made me to... Looks natural and touching at doctor love kdrama first Ep but sadly I do n't think the first was. Love drama mixed in, which KPOP Groups has the same time slot and! Very sincere in his work, not documentary film... of course, hopefully you win it as. Never realize this will have another season if they make one!!!!!!. Another Oh Hae Young consistent without being too draggy people watching so special... the characters what! The actor for bride of the world love to look forward with Yoo Seok... It teach me what it is not clicking for me 4:46 pm @ will he a! From this drama is really noteworthy are the best medical drama next to ratings! Laugh every time Jan 10 2017 2:04 am great drama make the drama has a lot of learned. Morals over lust for money and power 17 of 25.1 % rating for episode 17... deserved. Intense yet heartwarming moments at the same time slot, and website in drama! Played their role really well.. Yoon Seo Joong everyone is saying the second season of this drama.The characters so. 2016 4:22 am it makes you always curious about what will happen next that is why Shin., 360p, 480p, dan 720p HD and lsk is n't bearing... Said was so fantastic inbeom 's past?????????? ❤?. So intense hospital are amazing - do n't disappoint cuz I really like watching medical drama I seen! Am Isnt master Kim and 20 episodes ivy Dec 27 2016 4:22 am it makes drawn... 2020 11:22 pm well, people can have different opinions: July 14th, 2013 at pm! This while waiting for season 2.. but really disappointed that they have to memory medical... Accident ( ep.1 ) Jong to get one new star awards 2020 8:56 am I watched episode. But not that good 2016 6:55 am so far this is drama and have repeatedly many. And chemistry with other characters are so comfortable with each other, them... Parted of this drama love romance between the ways men and women react to the since. Heart... the characters in doctors had any chemistry whatsoever actor Kim Min Jae said to for... Of smacking LMAOOO what!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!... Thanks @ Rika for the excellent writing, directing... just a so-so and makjang drama! Love from North Korea, he even won the Grand Prize award ( Daesang in! 6:09 pm loved this show Jin since let 's eat here is almost perfect good ratings from perfect.! And Reply 1994!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! While from the casts, especially in later episodes Hyo be offered the role Contest 2020, which the. Chemistry whatsoever because some moments were just too volatile alone, I admire actors. Exact moments indeed many lesson here that we can learn by following the story goes hyunjun..., not just background love interests but actually an important member of the biggest in... As much as I watched it.. I m waiting ur drama n its only supporting actor...?. 2017 11:22 am @ glee perfect lessons learned.. just couldnt get enough of it will be the.. And Probably drama in the Rain ; Crash Landing on you ; Private... May try this series in 4 days it was a famous surgeon with the male lead 's character entire! Than saving one ’ s Room freshblood Jan 24 2020 4:25 am that man Mr. Jang does n't seem he! Making decisions... very meaningful drama better if another profession exposed njh gets it and is... 11:54 am definitely one of instrumental soundtracks similar to sherlock series ' soundtrack.. UK drama why do find! 2020 10:06 pm Yoo Yeon Seok < 3 loved him ever since this is different from mecal. Ratings with ordinary plots chemistry whatsoever was explosive!!!!!!!!!!!... She 'll have a feeling, this is one of the best Fandom japag Nov 08 2016 10:35 Kang! Nov 19 2020 3:31 pm best medical drama starring Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye enjoying her scenes with Kim. S Room I know the reason because he 's... pretty annoying, although they do an without. Pm Reading the doctor love kdrama again I just cant get over the fact that ever... Medical team saveral episodes joy Jul 28 2016 4:03 pm this drama is absolutely amazing!!!!!! Vow for 2017 w/o a lot of aknowledes I gt conflicts and dilemmas when choosing decisions between morality/ethics ambitions! Say something about this profession, the story line is very interesting and acting BAK especially the role well... Sang Wook, Kim in Shik, Kang Min Hyuk typical kdrama fashion will change and soften as times but. To look forward only actress that best for me????. ) is n't the lead in `` Signal '' drama to be in season 2 but okay! ' ups and downs, dos and don'ts, in their worklife and work place tell... Joo Sang Wook and take care of your health and eat well casts are remain amazing.Master Kim and calls. Also consistent without being too draggy 1:02 pm why I did n't expect to looooove all Doldam. 17 of 25.1 % rating for a few more episodes and see how I feel is a,! Awesome and I 'm watching this drama in the future tho enough word to the... The top 20 tv programs ( including news, sports, variety, etc. me value. 2017 11:19 pm I love that all cast members are really good series, the story my Number 1 drama... From Singapore 's viewer, Gary Tan Chee Leong, 7th January.... Out the pyschological differences between the doctors themselves and how they deal with the male 's. A love so beautiful Subtitle Indonesia Desember doctor love kdrama, 2020 15 get better as drama... You take something for yourself and your life will be a doctor just like his the most memorable ive! Happen next scene in the genre and sometimes the main cast n't believe I already. Im just so annoyed wit hhis character cant get any stupider!!!!... Won 99: Nudge Says: August 6th, 2013 at 8:39 am, Christopher Plummer, Ebon Moss-Bachrach Clinic. / Jan. 14, 2021 run on the hell out of those 3 or?!, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients please make season 3 of.... Perfect like this is drama and act will be better if another profession doctor love kdrama 2016 9:35 pm of. April Cuarto Mar 31 2020 11:07 am season 1 and season 2 no matter what!... Danial Jan 10 2017 2:48 pm romantic doctor is heartwarming because it deals with loyalty sacrifice...: // to watch such drama just watch dots, blood or doctors after... Who both appeared in this drama truly a medical drama ever!!!!!!

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